Needlework Salon is the largest manufacturer and distributor of goods for creativity, hobbies and needlework in Ukraine.
The main activities of the company are:

Production of quality embroidery kits. Under the trademark "Magic Instant", more than 2500 sets and patterns of various embroidery techniques are produced. The range is designed for a wide range of consumers - from beginners to experienced craftswomen. The Magic Instant sets are completed only with high-quality and environmentally friendly materials. The range is constantly expanding and replenished with innovative ideas.

Wholesale and retail trade in goods for needlework. We offer a wide range of needlework products for both domestic and world-famous manufacturers, such as: Zweigart, Madeira, Anchor, DMC, Preciosa Ornela, Ashford, Fimo, KnitPro, Nurge, a wide range of products for scrapbooking, felting, accessories and beads for jewelry .

Production of frames for paintings, embroideries, photographs, diplomas both in standard sizes and for individual orders.
Wholesale of baguette and accessories for the manufacture of frames of leading manufacturers in Italy, Poland, Korea and Turkey.

Sale of equipment for baguette workshops. The company offers a full range of equipment for the manufacture of frames of any complexity.