Wolves with beads

Kits for embroidery of pictures of wolves in a pair and a family in the online store "Salon of needlework". Various patterns with full or partial sewing, various techniques of embroidery with beads: circular embroidery, line or monastery stitch. A large catalog that will satisfy those who are just starting their acquaintance with embroidery, as well as professionals.

Beadwork is a relaxing and very aesthetic hobby. You will get an amazing result - a unique piece of art and a beautiful decoration for your home. Sets of Ukrainian production are distinguished by an excellent selection of high quality Czech beads and neat prints. Each set is neatly packed and is an excellent and unique gift for any embroidery master.

The kit for embroidery with beads contains fabric for embroidery with a printed pattern, a thin needle with a large hole, beads to complete the embroidery of the pattern. Note! Manufacturers do not include threads in their kits. You can buy a thread for embroidery with beads in our "Handicraft Salon" store.