Based on paintings by famous artists

Cross stitch based on paintings by famous artists

Recreate history's most famous artistic masterpieces with our amazing cross stitch kits based on famous paintings. The use of reproductions of paintings in the interior and embroidered ones is a fashionable trend in the decor of premises. Any picture saturates the viewer with the mysterious color of high art and the unique shades of the inner world of their author. This allows the viewer to delightfully enjoy the rich palette of colors, unusual shapes and majestic depth of the entire plot of the work every time.

If you are a fan of the work of any artist, embroidering a reproduction based on his painting, you will watch with admiration how new images and tireless streams of paint appear on the surface of the canvas in the embroidered stitches of the thread. The needlewoman seems to breathe life into them, and they playfully lay down on the canvas of a new work. Each cross of a reproduction of paintings by famous artists creates a new element. It can be the daring and indefatigable character of the Tempest off the coast of Nice by Ivan Aivazovsky or the soft and warm tones of the paintings of the impressionist Claude Monet.

Admirers of past and modern pictorial forms also appreciate the "breath of life" in works of art. Each brushstroke, highlight, shade should maximally convey the rich realism of the entire plot. It is not for nothing that Leonardo da Vinci once said about painting as about poetry that one sees. Take a look only at the rich painting of the famous artist Pierre Auguste Renoir "Bouquet of roses in a green vase". From the first moment, it is as if you feel their inviting sweet aroma, the tenderness of each petal and the freshness of a playful dew drop. Cross-stitch kit based on this painting "Bouquet of roses" from TM "RIOLIS" you can buy in our online store "Salon of needlework".

For more than one hundred years, people have been trying to "stop a wonderful moment" - to capture the moment in embroidery. With extraordinary depth, honing perfection, reflect the reality that is rich in color, volume and material uniqueness. Reproduce the air illuminated by a sunbeam in the morning coolness of a pine forest. Or show a dew drop on a blade of grass sparkling with all the colors of the rainbow.


Cross stitch kits based on paintings by famous artists are quite complex in execution. They use a large number of thread colors and the price can often scare you. But if you want to have an embroidered reproduction of a famous painting, you should not save. The result will not leave you indifferent.

Cross stitch based on the motives of such world famous artists as Van Gogh, C. Monet, I. Levitan, F.B. Dixie is presented in sets from TM "Riolis" and "Golden Fleece", "Charivna Mit". Paintings by famous artists were developed by "Luca-S" for cross stitching - this is the classic "Morning in a pine forest" based on I.I. Shishkin and contemporary works based on the artist Elizabeth McCormack.

Enjoy choosing your future masterpiece!