Bead embroidery icons

Bead embroidery icons

Beaded embroidery of icons - their popularity is not diminishing. Spectacular beaded icons are so beautiful that they fascinate. Ukrainian embroidery company Abris Art, Paintings with beads, Nova Sloboda create sets for embroidery of Orthodox icons. You can embroider Orthodox icons of the Theotokos, the Mother of God, Jesus Christ, saints with beads with your own hands.

The most difficult, responsible and painstaking work is Icons. This work requires patience and perseverance from the needlewoman, as well as sincere faith in God. The difficulty of embroidering an icon with beads is that you need to choose the exact size and color of the beads and attach them to the canvas in a clear sequence. But the result is worth it. By adhering to some rules, you can create a real masterpiece, which may become an adornment of your iconostasis.

The main difference between church embroidery and secular embroidery is that a person engaged in work receives not only aesthetic pleasure, but also strives to fully reveal the inner meaning of the image.

The traditional method of embroidery has long been considered to be facial sewing, which is close in artistic expressiveness to the skill of the icon painter. Working on an icon is a titanic business, primarily a spiritual one. Therefore, this method of embroidery requires not only the advice of the priest, but also his blessing. Today icons are embroidered with beads in three versions:

1. The first involves the imposition of beads on the fabric and trim of only salaries and vestments.

2. Working according to the second option, the master embroiders the vestments with beads, and the face - using the facial sewing method.

3. Third way: you need to cross stitch according to the counting chart. It is important to remember that in this case the work will not be considered canonical.

Preparatory stage Before embarking on such a complex and serious process as embroidering an icon, it is imperative to read a prayer. It can be like a prayer “Before starting any business”, it’s an appeal to the Mother of God. Bright light is of great importance, because beadwork implies not only visual acuity, but also maximum accuracy.


It will be correct to embroider at the table. Remember, it is important to create a comfortable working environment: 1. Cover your work surface with a white cloth. If the bead falls off the needle, it will not be difficult to find it.

2. Put the beads in the organizer (each color is in its "own" cell), for convenience, stick on it the numbers corresponding to the pattern.

3. To your right, lay out the scheme according to which you will work.

Materials and tools for embroidery

To embroider an icon with beads, you will need the following "ingredients":


Printed canvas;

Czech (or jewelry) beads;


Instructions (relevant for beginners);

Embroidery hoop (square or round);

Threads (monofilament is perfect for beginners);

Stones (semi-precious and semi-precious);


Beads (different sizes).

Do-it-yourself ready-made item is a great way of self-expression and self-sufficiency. It will give you confidence, faith in yourself, increase your potential and establish you in the eyes of others!