Embroidered decorations

Embroidered decorations

The role of accessories for creating a stylish and memorable image of a woman can hardly be overestimated. Every detail is important here. A correctly matched brooch, an eye-catching pendant or an original hair hoop will complement your look, add style, and highlight accents. Details are important!

In the world of mass market, in pursuit of fashion, we still strive to be original. This is where embroidery helps us. Of course, you can create embroidered jewelry on your own, carefully take beads, beads, stones and create a masterpiece by your own design. But, often, with independent selection and ideas, difficulties often arise. Here manufacturers of ready-made kits for hand embroidery of jewelry with beads, cross stitch, satin stitch, ribbons came to our aid. These are TM "Abris Art", "Nova Sloboda", "Charivna Mit", "PANNA".

Decorations embroidered with beads and stones attract with their brilliance. High-quality components will last a long time, and a low price will allow you to assemble a whole collection of such jewelry. After all, the main value of these accessories is your work and love, invested in each stitch.

Decorations embroidered with a cross or satin stitch will cause admiration for miniature stitches - truly jewelry work!

Embroidery for decorating clothes, embroidered hair ornaments - you can buy these sets in the "Needlework Salon" online store.