Caskets and Needle Cases

Caskets and Needle Cases

Needle cushions

Needle cushions are different. This thing, irreplaceable for every needlewoman, has thousands of shapes and colors. Needle beds in the shape of a pillow are considered classic: such a pillow is very easy to make on your own using pieces of residual fabric and a piece of foam rubber, a skein of woolen thread. Needle cushions in the form of fruits fall into a separate category. It can be multi-colored apples, pears, strawberries and other "fruits". The next category is people and animals. If your skill allows you, you can make for yourself a needle cushion in the shape of a human head, a variegated bird, or a dolphin. Another idea is mushrooms. It can be a bright red Amanita so that you can always quickly find your needles, "Chanterelle", or any other mushroom of your choice. Needle beds in the form of spools, colored jam jars, beads or cupcakes, books, cookies and cacti are also popular. The latter look very natural due to the presence of real needles on the "body" of the cactus.

You can buy a needle bed or a set for creating a needle bed with your own hands without leaving your home, but with delivery right to its doorstep. The online store "Salon Needlework" provides quality service with a choice of type of payment, delivery and full control at all stages of your purchase. We will always help with the choice and advise, and postal services will deliver your order throughout Ukraine (except for the temporarily occupied regions) and beyo

Craft boxes, organizers and storage boxes

Various tools can be used in embroidery and other needlework: needles, scissors, crochet hooks and much more. You can store all this in different places and search every time, before doing your favorite hobby. Keeping everything in one place is much more practical. To store all the necessary tools, of course, you can use any container or vessel. It could be a drawer or a box of old shoes. But there are ready-made professional solutions for storing craft tools. These are boxes, organizers, or special storage boxes. Caskets for storing various things, including jewelry, appeared no later than the times of Ancient Egypt. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and can be made from almost anything from wood to precious metals to ivory. Caskets themselves can be decoration and work of art. Also, they can be the result of embroidery - there are examples of boxes covered with embroidery that have survived from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Storing embroidery accessories in a handmade box is not only convenient, but also very beautiful. Special drawers and organizers are usually devoid of aesthetic perfection, but they are specifically designed for storing tools and will do their job better than anything else.

To order in Kiev and Ukraine, to buy an organizer for needles and needlework, a box, or a box for embroidery - you can in our online store "Salon of Needlework" without leaving your home. With us you can choose various methods of payment and delivery, including courier directly to your home. Our consultants will help you choose exactly what you need, your tools will be in order and always at hand!