Embroidery magnifier

The size
24.6 x 15 x 3.8 cm
Main lens diameter
10 cm, magnification 3X.
Built-in lens diameter
2.5 cm, magnification 5X
Bohin (Франція)
Embroidery magnifier

A magnifying glass for embroidery is a necessary accessory not only for visually impaired people, but also for those needlewomen who work with large patterns. Thread embroidery patterns can be colored or black and white with additional symbols. Sometimes, due to the large number of thread colors used in embroidery, it can be difficult to distinguish the symbols on the diagram. This is where the embroidery magnifying glass comes in handy. What are they?

First of all, pay attention to the magnification factor of the lens. Typically, 2x magnification is used with embroidery magnifiers. Additionally, 4x magnification can be used. This is a "magnifier in magnifier" with a small lens in the main one.

The embroidery magnifier can be illuminated or not. Embroidery with a magnifying glass with illumination is convenient in the evening, as an additional illumination of schemes and embroidery.

Attaching the embroidery magnifier:

- on the neck, for those who are accustomed to embroider while sitting, holding the canvas in their hands or in the hoop. Such a magnifier can be backlit.

- table magnifier. More suitable for those who embroider or do needlework at the table.

- a magnifying glass with a clip for attaching to embroidery machines, hoops or even on a table. Such a magnifying glass mount is more versatile, a flexible holder provides mobility and convenience. It is convenient to attach a magnifying glass with a clothespin and illumination for embroidery to the Ivolga machine due to the presence of an additional horizontal bar.

-loop - a ruler for reading diagrams. A handy thing for those who have a problem with only reading the symbols of the scheme.

A large selection of magnifying glasses for embroidery is presented in the "Handicraft Salon" online store. You can buy a magnifying glass as a separate order, as well as as an addition to needlework kits, embroidery machines. For regular customers, there is a cumulative discount system.