Cross stitch for beginners

Cross stitch for beginners

Cross stitch kits for beginners are small plots on a large canvas with a small number of thread colors.

Are you just learning to embroider? How we envy you! A whole world of real creativity, peace and inspiration opens up before you.

And to learn everything pleasant and comfortable, start your journey with embroidery kits. It does not matter, choose something from us, in the "Handicraft salon", or borrow from others. The main thing is to be to your liking!

And in any of the quality sets you will find:

- Fabric for embroidery (it is better to choose Aida 14 or Aida 11)

- Mouline thread or woolen thread

- Pattern for embroidery

- and, of course, a needle.

Simplicity is the motto of these sets. They use the main stitches: cross, half-cross, stitch "back to the needle". Such typesetters are suitable for those who are just starting their acquaintance with cross-stitch embroidery. We, in the "Handicraft Salon" online store, recommend choosing the subject that you like for the first acquaintance with embroidery. You will probably complete this work.

For the first work, we recommend using a hoop - they are especially relevant when embroidering on a uniform, because the Aida canvas is often stiff in itself, but the hoop will not be superfluous for it either. Scissors - you can buy beautiful, vintage ones right away. But, most importantly, they are sharp so that it is more convenient to cut the threads or fabric.