Embroidery on clothes

Embroidery on clothes

A series of kits for cross stitching on clothes with their own hands is very popular among our needlewomen. Embroidery has long gone beyond paintings. She is used to decorate clothes, bags and accessories, home textiles. Such needlework will add originality to your wardrobe, will be an excellent solution to hide the stain on your favorite blouse. Of course, having bought fabric and threads, you can choose the pattern for embroidery yourself. To facilitate the creative process, TM "Abris Art", "Golden Fleece" and "MP Studio" have created sets for embroidery on clothes, which already have everything you need.

Each garment embroidery kit includes:

• A piece of water-soluble canvas - non-woven fabric (canvas count corresponds to 14 ordinary cotton canvas);

• Needle;

• Threads of floss, disassembled into an organizer;

• Scheme;

• Guidelines for the implementation of the work.

Garment Embroidery Guide:


1. Place the canvas on the garment so that the bottom five rows of the canvas go into the pocket.

2. Baste the canvas around the perimeter with white threads, two squares back from the edge. Make a marking, first aligning the middle of the embroidery with the middle of the pocket.

3. Begin embroidery at the bottom edge of the canvas, backing one square from the basting. Sew in horizontal rows from bottom to top. Attention! Perform French knots after the canvas has been removed. 4. When finished embroidering, remove the basting stitches from the garment.

5. Place the garment in warm water (40-50 C °) for 5-20 minutes, and then rinse under the running stream of warm water to completely remove the remaining canvas.

6. Dry and iron according to the instructions on the garment.

Attention! Using the hoop may stretch the fabric and distort the pattern. When embroidering on knitted garments, it is recommended to reinforce the embroidery area with glue double-coat from the wrong side.

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