Peonies cross stitch

Peonies cross stitch


Cross stitch peonies is a bewitching handicraft. Drawing a carina with peonies with a thread, we are transported to a fragrant blooming garden in June. The peony is beautiful, more than 10,000 varieties, among which it is difficult to choose the only one, the most beloved. Various shapes and colors from snow-white to maroon. Treelike or herbaceous, non-double, double, pink, Japanese ... A rare garden is not decorated with peonies, it fits perfectly into any type of landscape architecture from the minimalist to the classic French garden. Because of this love for peonies in gardens, paintings depicting these flowers are very popular in cross stitching.

Peonies in cross stitching have taken their rightful place in the catalog of many manufacturers of embroidery kits: "Alice", "Golden Fleece", "RIOLIS", "Luca-S", "PANNA", "Wonderful Needle" and many others use pions with peonies for creating patterns for embroidery. Peonies in bouquets with other flowers, in still lifes and landscapes - there is plenty to choose from.

Why is it worth buying a set?


Buying a set for cross-stitching with peonies, you get not only a detailed elaborated and pre-sewn scheme, but also the necessary piece of fabric for embroidery, selected threads in the right amount and detailed instructions for embroidery. You just have to use your talent and create a handmade masterpiece. Of course, embroidery of peonies cannot be called easy because of the large number of thread colors that are used in the sets. We recommend that you use a hoop and a marker to mark the canvas as you work.

And by choosing the "Handicraft Salon" online store to buy sets with peonies, you can be sure of the originality of the products. For regular customers, we have a cumulative discount system.