Flowers beadwork

Flowers beadwork

Flowers embroidered with beads - paintings that do not lose popularity. For many years they have been favorites among embroiderers. Kits for embroidery with beads of paintings with flowers are a solo or a mix of flowers, bouquets in vases, baskets, flower fields and garden compositions. The assortment of sets with the image of flowers in the online store "Handicraft Salon" includes:

- Roses embroidered with beads. These flowers are the real queens of gardens and favorites of bouquets for any occasion. Even one rose is an ode to beauty and sophistication. In embroidery, the rose flower symbolizes love. The rose is given a lot of attention in the Christian religion. It is one of the three flowers mentioned in the Bible, along with henna and lily. White rosebuds were associated with the Virgin Mary, and the five petals of a scarlet wild rose were associated with the five wounds of Christ and his blood.

- peonies in embroidery also symbolizes love, as well as wealth and honor. In Chinese teaching, the peony flower represents the masculine Yang. Live or embroidered peonies attract positive energy and have a beneficial effect on the room. If you hang a picture in the work sector, a person will begin to move up the career and social ladder. If you put a bouquet of peonies in the living room, an unmarried girl will quickly meet a soul mate. He attracts love and passion. Pay attention to the set "Pink peonies" P-195 from TM "Pictures with beads".

- irises have masculine and feminine meanings in symbolism. Delicate, translucent flower petals and sharp, tough spear-shaped leaves. Therefore, iris personifies courage, honor and courage.

- sunflower - flower of the sun. He opens up and turns to the sun, as if trusting and opening up to him. A picture embroidered with beads with sunflower flowers will be a perfect gift for someone to whom you want to express your gratitude.

- orchids embroidered with beads are favorites of this category of sets. A symbol of perfection, the personification of inner harmony and tranquility - this is about orchids.

- tulips because of the variety of colors and textures look great in beadwork.

- a popular trend in decor - Provence, in the floral theme found its reflection in beadwork of bouquets with lavender. Delicate purple fragrant flower is a symbol of relaxation and tranquility. Embroidered lavender will decorate the interior in a romantic Provence style.

- lovers of minimalism will surely like the embroidered scenes with herbs and leaves.

- wildflowers - an unimaginable riot of colors in the glitter of beads. Chamomiles, bells, cornflowers and forget-me-nots. These flower bouquets convey the mood of the season in which they grew up.

The kits for embroidery with flowers beads already have everything you need to create a masterpiece: fabric with a printed pattern - satin, gabardine or an artistic canvas, as in the sets of TM "Abris Art" and "Magic Land". Beads, hand-picked by professionals (each piece is sewn before going on sale). Special, thin, bead embroidery needles. As a rule, the thread for beading needs to be purchased separately. It is not included in the set. In the online store "Salon of needlework" you can buy cheap kits and thread and, if necessary, accessories for embroidery and storage of handicraft supplies.