Cross stitch pillows

Cross stitch pillows

Embroidery pillows are a fun alternative to traditional cross stitch kits - they are practical, look fantastic, and add a creative touch to your home decor! You can choose the colors and patterns that best suit your living space, and make unique and thoughtful handmade gifts. There is always room for a sofa cushion in the house.

In the online store "Salon of Handicrafts" there is a huge selection of pillow designs:

- baby pillows with embroidery - with cartoon characters and painted animals;

- a large collection of flowers and flower subjects;

- ornaments, geometric patterns and patterns;

- New Year's pillows with Santa Claus, snowman and reindeer;

- animals and birds,

and many more different plots for every taste. This catalog contains over 500 sets of pillows.

In kits for embroidery pillows, stram is most often used as a basis for embroidery. It is a rigid canvas with a large mesh. It is best to lay on it with woolen or acrylic thread. The diagram has already been applied to the canvas. Even a child can cope with such embroidery - a large canvas, thick thread, embroidery according to the applied pattern - a quick result and a beautiful pillow is ready to decorate your home. Kits with such accessories can be found at "VERVACO" and "Charivna Mit".

Pillow sets from TM "Luca-S", "PANNA" and "RIOLIS" are completed with cotton canvas 14 or 16 counts and cotton floss. The embroidery is performed using the counting cross technique. All cross stitch kits come with a needle, thread, fabric and instructions. The sets of pillows TM "Luca-S" also have a reverse side with a zipper.

Please note that not all manufacturers complete their sets for embroidering pillows with a back side - a back. And you will need to embroider the pillow yourself. You can buy a pillowcase back separately in our online store.

Buy sets for cross-stitching pillows from Luca-S, Panna, Permin, RIOLIS, VERVACO, Charivna mit and other well-known manufacturers in the Needlework Salon online store. We have a plot for every taste, and the prices will pleasantly delight you. For regular customers, there is a cumulative discount system.