City landscape cross stitch

City landscape cross stitch

Cityscapes - quiet, cozy streets, lively markets, silhouettes of houses - all this is an urban landscape. Urban architecture is a popular theme in embroidery among many needlewomen. Urban landscapes in both painting and cross-stitching can be divided into the following genres:

- Architectural (veduta). An urban landscape with accurate depictions of all architectural details.

- Capriccio (translated as "whim" or "whim") - species with ruins, usually antique. For example, the ruins of the ancient cities of Great Britain, Greece, Italy, France. Moreover, they are often non-existent, fictional.

- Industrial landscape. It arose with the development of industry, the emergence of grandiose factories, huge bridges, railways, canals.

- Urban urban landscape. These are skyscrapers, overpasses and other attributes of megalopolises transferred into embroidery. An interesting branch is futuristic urbanism, depicting the megacities of the future.

The popularity of city landscapes in cross stitching is also associated with the desire of a person to travel, to discover new countries and cities. Memories of travel are not only the sea and the beach - it is an acquaintance with foreign cities, with their history. An embroidered picture depicting the place where you are striving or want to visit will be an excellent visualization of your desires.

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