Birds beadwork

Birds beadwork


Kits for embroidery with beads with the image of birds look very dynamic. Much inaccessible to man is embodied in birds. Reminder of sky height and inaccessibility of flights. Man has always tried to fly upward, waving his wing at everything. Manufacturers of kits for embroidery with beads did not ignore this theme, devoting many kits to stories with birds.

We have popular embroidery of birds - symbols:

- An owl embroidered with beads is a bird symbolizing wisdom and intelligence. Today, owl embroidery is very popular. It can be seen not only in paintings, but also on clothes, bags, and embroidered accessories.

- Peacock is a bird symbol of greatness, self-expression. The image of a peacock is closely associated with its feather and the symbolism of the eye - contemplation, admiration, glance.

- Phoenix is ​​a mythological bird known for its ability to burn and rise from the ashes. She symbolizes rebirth, renewal and immortality. Pay attention to the set for embroidery "Spirit" AB-738 from TM "Abris Art".


- The rooster is a bird of the morning, sun, awakening. The bright colors of the rooster look great in beadwork. The shine of the beads conveys the perky character of the bird.

- Doves - embroidered birds symbolize peace and tranquility, divine blessing. A stylized image of a dove can be seen on wedding towels.

The bright color of birds can often be found in winter landscapes. Red breasts of bullfinches or bright cardinals birds contrast with the glitter of the snowy expanses and make the picture with winter more lively, filling it with colors.

You can buy kits for embroidery of birds with beads from TM "Abris Art", "Butterfly", "Charivna Mit", "Pictures with beads", "Beauty and creativity", "Nova Sloboda" in the online store "Salon of Needlework". All sets are equipped with a base fabric with a printed pattern - the required amount of Preciosa or Slovenska Busa beads, a needle for embroidery with beads. Note! Many manufacturers do not complete kits with bead embroidery thread. You can buy it separately. Our store offers the best prices for all handicraft and art supplies.