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Warning! Embroidery kits are printed products and are protected by copyright! Open return kits are NOT refundable! Please take this into account when ordering. In case of detection of incompleteness or lack of materials after opening the package, or in the process of embroidery - Contact our staff to resolve these issues.

We are with special care and attention to the selection of goods that will be presented in our range. After all, creativity is a magical sacrament, the charms of which can be dispelled by one wrong stitch, one broken thread. Everything should be perfect: beads of the right size and shape, bright colors of high quality threads, such cute heart eyewear accessories. Each needle must have its place, so as not to ruin. The sharpest scissors for delicate fabric and favorite threads. You can buy all this from us, and we will be happy to help with difficult elections.

Registration in the online store "Handicraft Salon" is not required. Just add the selected goods to the basket, leave your contact information for communication and sending the order. After that we will contact you to clarify the details and terms of the order.

If you decide to register, we promise pleasant bonuses in the form of discounts on goods from our range and will only inform you about important events on our "Creative Path". Interesting news and amazing Promotions - you will be the first to know about this.

For our regular customers, there is a cumulative discount system (based on the total amount of orders):

from 5000 UAH - 3%

from 10000 UAH - 5%

from UAH 15000 - 7%

Register on the site ➤ make purchases ➤ get discounts. If you have already purchased goods from us without registration, we will definitely take this into account!

Order payment

Postpaid (payment of the order upon receipt at the post office).
* Orders, the total cost of which does not exceed 300 (three hundred) hryvnias, are sent after 100% subscription to the current account.

Bank transfer to a current account - full payment of the order.
For orders of any amount. If the total COST of the goods exceeds UAH 1,500 (except for bulk items, such as machines) - we will pay for delivery.