Sea and Seascapes

Sea and Seascapes

One of the genre varieties of landscapes is a seascape or moraine. The image of the sea, coastline with lighthouses, ships and boats, marine inhabitants - the inhabitants of the underwater kingdom can often be found in kits for embroidery with beads. Such pictures, due to the brilliance of beads, perfectly convey the mood of the elements, whether it be the foam of a raging wave, or the serene calmness of the glitter of the sun's rays on the water surface.

The plots of the bead embroidery kits can be divided into several directions.

- Ships, sailboats, boats sailing on the waves or moored on the shore. The embroidered ship symbolizes the pursuit of a dream. It is a fact that a ship is best at the port. But, it was not built for this. In the port, ships die. We build ships so that in the toughest storm, when the waves of fate pour over the side, we sailed towards the dream, holding the steering wheel of our life tightly. For the sake of distant shores, unknown countries, new achievements, towards a dream and in defiance of fate.

- Seascapes with beaches, coastline of the sea and lighthouses embroidered with beads. Sea coasts of cities and villages with houses standing at the very edge of the water. Embroidered guiding beacon symbolizes hope and fulfills the wish made by the needlewoman with the first stitch.

- The underwater world and sea inhabitants are embroidered with beads. Colorful fish, majestic whales and friendly dolphins embroidered with beads, such pictures look especially bright. Volume can be added to such a picture through partial embroidery with beads, when the background is applied to the fabric, and only individual elements are embroidered. Shells and corals, as a reminder of the sea, summer vacations.

In the online store "Salon of needlework" there is a large collection of kits for embroidery with beads on the marine theme. TM "Abris Art", "ButterFly", "Charivna Mit", "Nova Sloboda" devoted a part of their sets to stories with the sea. They are undoubtedly good and we are sure there will be a picture here that you like.