Metric Cross Stitch

Metric Cross Stitch

Create a unique embroidered piece of art - metrics with names and date of birth or wedding!

We prepare in advance for such events as the birth of a child or a wedding. We choose and think over everything to the smallest detail, trying not to miss a single detail. I would like such impressions to remain in the memory for life. We take a camera and a video camera with us so that warm memories remain for the rest of our lives. This will not seem enough to the needlewoman, and she will definitely want to capture this moment in embroidery. Here kits for embroidery of metrics will come to her aid. The assortment of the "Handicraft Salon" store has metrics:

- children's metric. The birth of a child is one of the most exciting events in the life of every person. The birth of a baby is a miracle given to us by nature. They embroider children's metrics for a boy, for a girl, for twins. These are plots with babies, storks, cute animals on which you can embroider the name of the newborn, date of birth, weight and height of the baby;

- wedding metric. Sets with the ability to embroider the date of the wedding and the names of the bride and groom. It is dominated by floral motifs and embroidery patterns with pairs.

Add some brightness to the nursery with one of the embroideries from the metrics catalog! Write your own baby's name or maybe friends baby's name! It is the perfect, unique birthday or christening gift. Enjoy all the fun and cute metric cross stitch patterns we have collected for you. The wedding metric is a great reminder of the date of this festive event and a nice hand-made addition to the gift.

Pay attention to wedding metrics for cross stitching from "DIMENSIONS" and metrics for newborns from "MP Studio" and "RIOLIS".

Order sets of metrics in the online store "Handicraft Salon" and embroider yourself! We offer our regular customers a cumulative system of discounts.