Cross stitch angels

Cross stitch angels

Embroidery is not just a hobby - it is a whole ritual. We find inspiration in her. While the needle in the fingers makes stitches, giving birth to a magnificent creation, we rush with our thoughts to dreams and plans, hoping for their materialization. Therefore, many of us believe in embroidery signs. Embroidered angels symbolize the completion of the family. And the embroidered angels will become her keepers.

In the catalog of the online store "Handicraft Salon" ANGELS, hundreds of embroidery kits are collected:

- thematic angels - seasons, elements of nature and patrons of handicrafts from "Design Works" and "Mill Hill";


- embroidery - miniatures with angels from "Wonderful Needle";

- three angels for pregnancy from "DIMENSIONS" or "Povitrulya";

- guardian angels of dreams from "Charivna Mit" and "MP Studio";

- angels - a fragment of a painting based on the work of Leonardo da Vinci from "Luca-S";

- the angel of love will be a wonderful souvenir for Valentine's Day,

and many others.

In sets with paintings of angels you will find everything you need for needlework:

- canvas - the basis for embroidery;

- the required number of threads, matched by color;

- scheme;

- a needle;

- detailed instructions for working with embroidery.

Buying kits for cross-stitching angels in the online store "Needlework Salon" - you get a quality guarantee for all products. The opportunity to purchase in one store everything you need for needlework and creativity, and for regular customers there is a cumulative discount system.