Embroidery marker

Embroidery marker

An embroidery marker is a necessary handicraft accessory that allows you not to waste time on the constant counting of crosses. If you are just reading your acquaintance with counted cross stitching and are afraid to make a mistake when transferring a pattern from a diagram to a canvas, use a marker and mark the canvas. Also, a marker is indispensable when working with large embroidery patterns, because the more difficult the pattern, the more thread colors it contains, there is a greater likelihood of making a mistake. Of course, the marking of the canvas for embroidery can be carried out using a contrasting thread or monofilament, but this method is more laborious and requires the subsequent removal of the marking threads. Therefore, for convenience and speed up the process, we recommend that you use an embroidery marker.

What kind of embroidery markers are there?

- a washable marker for marking the canvas. Such a marker easily disappears when the embroidery is soaked in warm (not hot!) Water.

- disappearing marker. It stays on the surface of the fabric for 72 hours, gradually disappearing from the canvas.

- markers for marking light and dark fabrics. They differ in the color of the rod: white for a dark canvas, blue for a light canvas.

How to markup?

Start marking from the center of the canvas. To do this, fold the piece of fabric in two and twice again. The resulting point will be the center of the canvas. Draw a horizontal and vertical line from it, perpendicular to each other. Further from these axes, draw parallel straight lines with a step convenient for you. As a rule, these are 10x10 crosses. In the process of embroidery, regularly check the diagram in order to avoid mistakes.

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